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why-rubio-and-kasich-must-be-crushedPatterico :

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Here are some controversial statements: It is more important that Marco Rubio lose Florida than that Donald Trump not win. It’s more important for Kasich to be crushed in Ohio than it is for Trump not to get those delegates.


Trump had a good night last night, but in some ways Cruz had a better one, because of Marco Rubio’s humiliating defeats in various states. Rubio appears to have amassed 2 delegates last night, while Trump appears to have taken 72 to Cruz’s 59. (Kasich won 17.)


Allahpundit asks why Cruz people are throwing water on the idea of a contested convention. As someone who has called for Marco Rubio’s utter electoral humiliation, and believes it is critical that he lose Florida (and John Kasich lose Ohio), let me try to answer.


Thomas Sowell likes to talk about “Stage One” thinking, in which people seek a certain result (Stage One) and fail to think through the consequences (Stage Two and beyond). I think that people who seek to have Rubio win Florida are Stage One thinkers. It will deny Trump delegates! Yay! Helps keep Trump from getting a majority! Yay! Scissors-32x32.png

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Crushed or defeated? There's a huge difference. You Crush your enemy, you defeat your opponent.

'What Ever" LMFAO.gif

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It's Time for Cruz to Take Rubio Out In Florida, and Kasich Out in Ohio -- Even If It Means Delivering These States to Trump —Ace

Yes, it's time. It's time to go all in on this, even if, short-term, it benefits Trump.


On CNN last night, Mary Katherine Ham said it was against Cruz's interests (or might be against his interests) to kneecap Rubio in Florida, because doing so puts that state into Trump's column. And that would mean the percentage of the remaining delegates Cruz would need to top Trump would go up from something like 54% to 66%.


However, let's look at the flip side -- what happens if Rubio and Kasich win? In that case, both men will declare victory -- obviously -- and then say this proves what they've been saying all along, that America is now ready to embrace them, that the map looks better from them starting with Guam, that they're going to take it all the way to the convention.


And then we continue on with the field unwinnowed, and Trump continuing to win more delegates than Cruz by 43% to 36% margins. Not huge margins -- but they'll get you there, and if you're not gaining on Trump, you're losing to Trump.



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