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Obama Adviser Admits Nobody Would Agree the Economy Is ‘Great’ — but Listen to What the President Said Just Days Ago


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obama-adviser-admits-nobody-would-agree-the-economy-is-great-but-listen-to-what-the-president-said-just-days-agoThe Blaze:

An adviser to President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he doesn’t think “anyone is saying the economy is great right now,” but that’s not what Obama himself said just a few days ago.


“There’s no question the economy is doing better under the president of the United States. … We’ve actually had the best two years in 15 years in the private sector,” Robert Wolf told CNN’s Carol Costello.


But when he was pressed on the state of the economy when it comes to how much blue-collar workers make, Wolf admitted, “I don’t think anyone is saying the economy is great right now.”


The statement contradicts what Obama said just last week, while responding to the most recent jobs report, which shows the U.S. added 242,000 jobs in February, with an official unemployment rate of 4.9 percent.


“America’s pretty darn great right now,” Obama told reporters Friday, while at the same time acknowledging there’s “more work to be done to make sure that everybody is benefitting” from the economy.



It's all darn good...

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