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Remembering Karnamaya Mongar on #InternationalWomensDay


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karnamaya-mongar-international-womens-day-kermit-gosnellNational Review/The Corner:

Kathryn Jean Lopez

March 8, 2016


Do you remember the name Karnamaya Mongar? You may not. She died in Kermit Gosnell’s horrific abortion clinic in Philadelphia. Her death and Gosnell’s trial weren’t all that well covered, as you may recall.


I mention her because today is International Women’s Day and she should be remembered. She should nudge our consciences and challenge us to a better politics when it comes to abortion.


I wrote this column for this week in part with Kirsten Powers and Steve Hayes in my head. They were on Bret Baier’s “All-Star Panel” the night Gosnell was sentenced. Steve thought it was a radicalizing moment. Kirsten worried this still wouldn’t do it.




Any honest International Women’s Day would consider the life and death of Karnamaya Mongar, it would consider infanticide, it would consider what Roe has wrought (as Kirsten points out on the panel, most Americans don’t even know the basic facts of what Roe means). There was a hellish scene not for the first time in front of the Supreme Court surrounding a case involving abortion last week. Why such anger? Why such denial? Why such a refusal to want to make this a better debate – one that seeks to protect both mother and child and quit pitting them against each other.

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