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An Appeal to Our Fellow Catholics


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donald-trump-catholic-opposition-statementNational Review:

Robert P. George & George Weigel

Mar. 7 2016


In recent decades, the Republican party has been a vehicle — imperfect, like all human institutions, but serviceable — for promoting causes at the center of Catholic social concern in the United States: (1) providing legal protection for unborn children, the physically disabled and cognitively handicapped, the frail elderly, and other victims of what Saint John Paul II branded “the culture of death”; (2) defending religious freedom in the face of unprecedented assaults by officials at every level of government who have made themselves the enemies of conscience; (3) rebuilding our marriage culture, based on a sound understanding of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife; and (4) re-establishing constitutional and limited government, according to the core Catholic social-ethical principle of subsidiarity. There have been frustrations along the way, to be sure; no political party perfectly embodies Catholic social doctrine. But there have also been successes, and at the beginning of the current presidential electoral cycle, it seemed possible that further progress in defending and advancing these noble causes was possible through the instrument of the Republican party.


That possibility is now in grave danger. And so are those causes.




Mr. Trump’s record and his campaign show us no promise of greatness; they promise only the further degradation of our politics and our culture. We urge our fellow Catholics and all our fellow citizens to reject his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination by supporting a genuinely reformist candidate.



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From The Comments


FormerEnlisted • 20 hours ago


Yet another hysterical fulminations in a whole string of these events from NR and other associated establishment "leaders". Well, guess what: all of us unwashed, unloved citizens can see right through the horrified garment-rending. Trump has finally done what none of you were capable or willing to do; call out the Democrats and specifically Obama and you, our conservative betters, and even our beloved Church on the craziness of open borders, floods of illegal immigrants, the outsourcing of pretty well all American jobs, and end-to-end wars.


You all had your chance. We have been listening to all of you and your studied and well-mannered ideas and pronouncements and then all you give us were more Romneys and Ryan's.


We're done with you. And yes, I will faithful attend Mass as always but I will also resist my Church's manic efforts to turn our country into North Mexico





Deep Super Really Yuge Deep Thoughts From FomerEnlisted.

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