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Without Carson and Kasich, Trump would have lost Super-Tuesday and the following Saturday decisively


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without_carson_and_kasich_trump_would_have_lost_supertuesday_and_the_following_saturday_decisively.htmlAmerican Thinker:

Now that Super-Tuesday is over, many are thinking: if only the anti-Trump vote were not divided. How serious the issue is can be seen in the Super-Tuesday results: Trump won three states by margins of only 2-3%, but Ben Carson’s average vote was 6.5% per state, and Kasich’s 8.5%. Neither had any chance of winning the nomination, but had either one dropped out before Super Tuesday, Trump’s 7 wins out of 11 would probably have been 7 losses out of 11. A good night for him would have been turned into a serious setback. It’s worth stressing the fact that Trump’s vote total was low enough to have brought him a major defeat. All that made the difference between his making good progress toward the nomination and being stalled was the vanity of two men who refused to face the reality that they had long since become irrelevant to the race.


The pattern repeated itself three days ago on Saturday. Then Trump and Cruz won 2 states each, but Trump’s wins in Louisiana and Kentucky were only by 3 and 4 points respectively. If only half of Kasich’s vote had gone to Cruz, Trump would have lost all four states. Kasich staying in made a potential disaster for Trump -- a four state sweep by Cruz -- into a tie. Trump is not running away with the nomination: it is being handed to him by narcissists so in love with themselves that they are blind to their own best interests, let alone the country’s. Scissors-32x32.png

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