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Top Texas Wines: Spring 2016 Edition


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Top Texas Wines: Spring 2016 Edition

For this evaluation, we sampled more than 107 Texas wines



March 4, 201

6By Jessica Dupuy0 Comments

For three years, I’ve written an annual evaluation ranking the top wines produced in Texas during that particular year. Last year’s publication of the “Best Texas Wines of 2015” was no different, but I had a personal revelation: some of the best wines produced in a given year are sold out by the time the list appears. To remedy this issue, Texas Monthly decided we would publish a quarterly review to keep wine aficionados abreast of the best selections closer to their release dates.



For our first mini-list, we tasted wines submitted in late 2015 and early 2016. This timing means we received a higher ratio of reds to whites. (White and rosé wines are typically released in spring and will likely be more heavily represented in our next list, to come out in June.) Scissors-32x32.png http://www.texasmonthly.com/food/top-texas-wines-spring-2016-edition/

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