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refuting-the-lies-about-cruz-told-by-rubio-and-his-supportersPatterico :

Filed under: General — Patterico @ 7:56 am

In case you missed it over the weekend, I published two posts yesterday showing that Marco Rubio has said different things about amnesty in English and in Spanish.


In Part One, I showed that Rubio has promised in English that there would be border security before anything happens on legalization, while in Spanish he told Univision that legalization happens first, and border security second.


In Part Two, I showed that Rubio has suggested in English that he would eliminate all of Obama’s illegal amnesty measures on day one, while in Spanish he assured Univision watchers that DACA — the amnesty geared towards dreamers — could not be ended on day one of his administration, and hopefully would last until comprehensive reform could be enacted that would allow them all to stay here permanently.


Some people are asking why I am taking on Rubio. I agree that Donald Trump is the bigger problem, and I am working on something that hopefully would advance the ball on him. But I also agree with Ted Cruz that if we elect a candidate who is pro-amnesty, as Rubio patently is, we are likely to lose in November. More to the point, even if we win, we will get amnesty, including eventual citizenship —Scissors-32x32.png

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shutterstock_375031762-e1456145910898.jpCrush Rush / Shutterstock.com

Sen. Marco Rubio’s involvement in the Gang of Eight attempt to pass comprehensive immigration reform has been one of his campaign’s biggest stumbling blocks. This, and and his refusal to disavow some form of “amnesty,” has left him vulnerable and at odds with the base. The only way for Rubio to win the nomination — so the theory goes — is to take a hardline on immigration.


This conventional wisdom sounds very logical and compelling. There’s only one problem with it: It’s completely wrong


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Filed under: General — Patterico @ 7:55 am


This is another post debunking a Rubio fan-boi’s list of so-called “blatant lies” by Ted Cruz — “lies” that turn out to be true on closer inspection. Today’s “lie” that isn’t a lie illustrates something important about Ted Cruz’s character. Namely, he seeks accountability, and wants to eliminate show votes that make Senators look like they’re against things like funding Planned Parenthood, without expending any real capital to defeat them. Here is the alleged “lie” by Cruz:


6) Cruz claimed that Rubio did not want to use Congress’s “constitutional authority to defund Planned Parenthood,” thereby trying to suggest Rubio was weak on the issue.


In reality, Rubio has actually voted for and supported spending bills that defunded Planned Parenthood and standalone bills that defunded the organization. This was such a blatantly dishonest attack that the most prominent pro-life organization in the country, the National Right to Life, actually called out Cruz for his “inaccurate and misleading” attacks:



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Filed under: General — Patterico @ 7:30 pm

Every conservative who is not brain-dead despises Big Media “fact checkers.” Nothing raises a conservative’s blood pressure like seeing a “fact checker” 1) evaluate a truthful claim by a conservative, 2) acknowledge that the facts are true, yet 3) refuse to admit the claim is true because spin spin spinnity spin.


So, for example, when Ted Cruz says the IRS tax code has more words than the Bible, a fact-checker analyzing that claim has an obligation to pronounce it true. Yet we have seen a Big Media fact-checker acknowledge the truth of Cruz’s facts, yet refuse to pronounce his claim true, because derp derp derp. When Carly Fiorina says she went from secretary to CEO, we have seen a Big Media fact-checker say: yep, she started off a secretary, became a CEO, therefore three Pinocchios, because derp derp derp. Scissors-32x32.png


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