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Why Cuz is More Dangerous Than Trump


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The comments at TruthDig that follows the video are really disturbing.

Reich's reasons are why I support Cruz. Weird upside down world we live in.


Oh and I love the way (mostly Trump supporters from what I have read) have passed on this idea that Cruz thinks he is the Messiah because his father Rafael is a "Dominion" believing Christian and one of the Dominion oriented prayer ministries endorsed Cruz and the main minister actually preached that God caused Hitler to destroy the Jews and that He's gonna do it again and that the Jewish Defamation league is demanding Cruz not be endorsed because he calls for the conversion of Jews. ON and ON



Actually the sermon was apparently based on some Old Testament prophetic books and last time I looked in the Bible Jesus did say "Make disciples of ALL nations, baptizing them in My Name.

(I do not agree personally with some of the Dominion theology but now days if you publicly take the Bible as truth you are a fanatic wanting to force convert everyone)

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