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Bloomberg Would Lose Big to Sanders and Trump — WSJ/NBC Poll


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bloomberg-would-lose-big-to-sanders-and-trump-wsjnbc-pollWall Street Journal:

Michael Bloomberg would win only 16% of the vote in a three-way presidential race among the former New York mayor, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.


In the hypothetical match-up, Mr. Sanders, a Vermont senator running as a Democrat, would win 43%, while Mr. Trump, a Republican, would win 33%.


Mr. Bloomberg, a former three-term mayor of New York City, has said he is considering a run for the White House this year, attracted by Mr. Trump’s success among the Republican field and what he perceives as the weakness of Hillary Clinton, the front-runner in national polling in the Democratic race.


Mr. Bloomberg said earlier this month he was “looking at all the options” and called the current presidential campaign “distressingly banal” and “an outrage and an insult to the voters.”


In recent years, Mr. Bloomberg has been best known for positions anathema to the Republican base. He has expended considerable energy and money in a national push for new gun control laws, and has been widely mocked for his campaign toward the end of his mayoral tenure to limit the size of soft drinks sold in restaurants, movie theaters and sports venues.



Not gonna happen...

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