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Byron York: In South Carolina, Bush family, friends gather as end nears


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2583643Washington Examiner:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Jeb Bush's brother, the former president, his sister-in-law, the former first lady, his mother, his sister, another brother, and of course his wife and children have come to South Carolina, where George W. Bush's political fortunes were made, in hopes of vaulting Jeb back into the Republican presidential race. But with poll after poll showing Bush hovering around 10 percent — fighting with John Kasich for fourth place — that looks less and less likely every hour.


So it wasn't surprising that there was a big media turnout at Bush's townhall here in Columbia Thursday. Yes, there's plenty of press to go around now; South Carolina is teeming with reporters. But there is also a Jeb death watch underway. That's especially true after Bush held a downer of a townhall on Wednesday in Summerville in which some audience members bemoaned the condition of his campaign and wanted to know why he can't raise his game against Donald Trump.


"It's all been decided, apparently," Bush said in frustration. "The pundits have already figured it out. We don't have to go vote. I should stop campaigning maybe."


Bush has mentioned that he knows obituaries are being written for his campaign. I talked to one reporter who noted wryly that when Bush made such an obituary comment, at that precise moment, he, the reporter, was in fact working on Bush's campaign obituary.



Here lies the Bush campaign...


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