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Meanwhile Across The Pond

Stephen Fry is just the latest victim in the authoritarian Left's war on funny
Brendan O'Neill
1:03PM GMT 16 Feb 2016

Quick. Sharpen the pitchforks. Light the torches. Raise up an army of the outraged. For someone has dared to crack a joke without first filtering it for offensiveness and ensuring it was 100 per cent PC. Get him!

Actually, two people risked the ire of the right-on by making off-colour gags. Both of them did it at the Bafta Awards on Sunday, upsetting this usually agreeable session of mutual luvvie back-patting with some disagreeable humour.

First up was host Stephen Fry. Halfway through proceedings, Fry broke from his predictably brown-nosing script (how can *everyone* who comes on stage be the most delicious, dazzling human who ever lived?) and had a pop at the woman who won the award for best costume design.


Jenny Beavan, in crumpled trousers, leather jacket and lifeless scarf, was exiting the stage, gong in hand, when Fry quipped: “Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to an awards ceremony dressed as a bag lady.”


It was literally the first time Fry has made me laugh. But others weren’t laughing. Especially the joke-phobic uptights of the perma-outraged Twittersphere, who fumed about Fry being misogynistic, “hideously rude”, blah blah blah.



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