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The Demorepublicrat spinning wheel


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senseofevents.blogspot.comSense of Events : MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2016 The Demorepublicrat spinning wheel

By Donald Sensing


Senator Schumer gave this speech in mid-2007, when G.W. Bush still had 18 months left in his presidency.

The Constitution actually gives the final authority to fill Court vacancies to the Senate, not the president. The president merely nominates, but the Senate's confirmation is required. There is no Constitutional requirement that the Senate approve anyone that is nominated.


When FDR tried to pack the Court from nine justices to 15 (because the Court was voiding many of his orders and enactments), the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, bounced him down so hard he never even brought it up again.


From Thomas Jefferson's term as vice president (and hence he presided over the Senate) Scissors-32x32.png

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