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Racial profiling Clintons rally DNC, the last plantation in America


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charles-hurt-racial-profiling-clintons-rally-dnc-tWashington Times:

Hillary Clinton’s “firewall,” they call it. They don’t even wink and nod anymore. But they all know what they mean by it.


By “they,” we are talking about the Democratic Party, the last plantation left in America. And by “firewall,” they are talking about the black voters they haul out every election to do whatever dirty work party leaders need done.


This year’s dirty work, of course, is finally heaving that cackling, pant-suited enabler Hillary Clinton over the line to the nomination. Let her have her shot so she will finally go away.


But the blindingly white Democratic voters in Iowa and New Hampshire either refused to do the dirty work or kicked up such a ruckus over being forced to do it that they made it plenty clear to the entire world just how much even Democrats cannot stand the Clintons anymore — especially Hillary.


Now on to Nevada and South Carolina where Democrats can boss voters around a little easier and order them into line for Mrs. Clinton. In South Carolina, the Democratic Party chairman once famously dismissed the notion that Democrats buy “the black vote” down there.



More like bribe, actually...

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