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stop-applying-a-different-standard-to-donald-trumpPatterico :

Filed under: General — Patterico @ 7:34 am

Journalists do not hold Donald Trump to the same standard as other candidates. When he makes grand, sweeping, and ridiculously unsupportable statements, they let it go — apparently thinking that the silly nature of the statements is self-evident. Maybe they are — to educated, intelligent, and informed people. But those aren’t the people still making up their minds about who should be President.


This idea that we apply a different standard to Trump is likely to be a running theme here.


Today, let me start the discussion by showing you this video:


“Nobody knows banking better than I do.” “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.”


“Nobody knows health care better than Donald Trump.” “I think I know more about foreign policy than anybody running.” Etc. etc. etc.


All but about two of you think these statements are obvious piffle. Why bother demonstrating they’re false, when anyone can see that right off the bat? you think.


That’s a mistake.


If another candidate made any of these statements, journalists would call them on it, and hard. You know more about foreign policy . . . than anyone running? Scissors-32x32.png

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Scott Is A much Nicer Person Than I.

Read The Comments by the Moron Brigade

feralcat12 hours ago

"The Top 10 reasons why PJTV's Scott Ott is a RINO, establishment, Israel-loving, phony Christian cuckservative, etc., etc."


What about being a one man pity party? What about that? Or being one man in a multi-man pity party blog, etc., etc? Try to say that fast ten times.

If reaction to adversity is a character test, PJGOPe is not exactly excelling.

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