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After last night


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after-last-night-11.phpPower Line:

Scott Johnson

February 12, 2016



I watched the debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders last night on PBS/CNN. You can too (complete video below), but you probably don’t want to. I understand. Nevertheless, one is reminded of things that matter by the exercise.


The Democratic Party is united in staking its future on fundamental falsehoods, from race and crime and sex (discrimination) and illegal immigration and the position of the United States abroad. Watching Clinton and Sanders speak to these matters in tandem is almost shocking. We are in the realm of all-embracing lies.


Despite her manifest limitations as a candidate for elective office, last night Hillary Clinton appeared formidable. She had Sanders on the defensive most of the evening. She has hitched her wagon to President Obama. Sanders presented as a sort of a leftist hippie throwback decrying the malign influence of Henry Kissinger on Hillary Clinton. One almost expected him to share his memories of Woodstock in the summer of ’69. Of all the things on anyone’s worry list in 2016, I think it is safe to say that the influence of Henry Kissinger on Hillary Clinton must rank somewhere near the bottom. Sid “Vicious” Blumenthal would be another story, but Sanders isn’t going anywhere near it.


Clinton is abetted by a friendly press. Last night the friendly press was represented by Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff of Democrat State Television. They asked not a single question about the scandals lapping around Clinton’s feet. Woodruff is even a contributor to the Clinton Foundation. Republicans live in an alternative universe, alright.








Here's Your Democratic/Socialist/Dumber that A Box Of Rocks Party Debate Thread. biggrin.png

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What in the world was Hillary wearing?


I wasn't the least bit interested in the debate, but after that question I had to check it out. It looks water proof, like a rain jacket, which of course it isn't. She likes to wear a lot of color and at the same time she tries to cover her increasing girth, thus this jacket.

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What in the world was Hillary wearing?


I had the TV on mute this morning, but I could not help notice that her make up was so piled on and white she looked like she was dead!!!

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