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U.S. and India Discuss Joint South China Sea Patrols


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u-s-and-india-discuss-joint-south-china-sea-patrolsVia Meadia:

Feb 10, 2016


Reuters reports that India and the U.S. may conduct joint patrols in the South China Sea:




India generally doesn’t like to swing its weight one way or the other too much—much of Delhi’s flexibility and bargaining power comes from its potential to shift the power balance in Asia. Lately, however, India has begun to look like it may pick a side in Asia’s Game of Thrones: last month, New Delhi agreed to help Vietnam spy on China, and last fall, India held joint military exercises with Australia. So, in some ways the winds do seem to be blowing towards India joining the United States’ challenge to China. But these patterns are difficult to read, and India’s history makes us uncertain about whether these talks will lead to anything.


Still, it’s an important story to watch because if Delhi did work with Washington in the South China Sea, the partnership would present a potent challenge to Beijing.

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