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Marco Rubio should repeat it even more!


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There has been a lot of criticism of Marco Rubio for repeating in the debate that, “Barack Obama knows what he is doing, he is fundamentally changing the United States of America.”

When Marco says this he does not mean he is doing a great or even a good job as president, but that he is trying to change the way we think about American Exceptionalism. As Americans we are not more exceptional or superior than any other person, race, or ethnicity, but the way we think and what most believe in as a democracy is better than that of other nations.

We believe that all people are created equal and that we do not discriminate or put in opposition one race, color, religion, ethnicity, sex, age, or even wealth. What we have been seeing with this president more than we have seen with any other president in my lifetime is exactly that pitting one against another, this IS NOT what we believe and it is tearing at the fabric of American Exceptionalism.

For seven years now have seen a constant, “war against something”, and pitting one group against another. There has been a war against the police that ended in a beer summit but was left to simmer where now police are the enemy and not our protectors. There has been a war of rich vs middle class or poor where people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and many others that have given large amounts to charities, or created them, built colleges, libraries, town halls and many other important things. These rich of course do not pay their fair share based on what we have been told. The war on women we do not make enough money and are not treated like the men but can run for president in this country, and run large corporations and have the ability to go to school and be whatever they want to be in life. The war on ethnicity were we are the bad people that do not allow anyone in this country, where we have a more diverse population of people than anywhere in the world and if you are here legally you can aspire to be whatever you want.

So yes Marco Rubio should repeat it as many times as he can to get the American people, ALL American people, to see that pitting one group against another is NOT American Exceptionalism it is tearing us and the fabric of America apart.

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kevindavis, I posted this on my fb . I did not like to post it without credit to the author. So I prefaced it with:


I have no idea who first posted the following on fb but a friend on a conservative forum that we have been a part of for almost 10 years posted it there. I think it sums up quite well what we are all feeling about what is happening to our country. I like Rubio. I also like Cruz. I think they are true conservatives. Not perfect but understand and know the Constitution and the Founding Principles. that have made us the greatest Nation this old world has ever seen - warts, faults and all failings known and recognized. Alexander Hamilton who came up with the economic system that has guided us lo these many years into prosperity and greatness is threatened with extinction. We live in an increasigly secularistic, humanistic world. A world view or perspective without the God of the Bible is being shoved down our throats. The one thing that never changes is human nature. Self, ego and "I" are antithesis to our God's teachings. So here is the common sense opinion that someone wrote on fb:

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