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super-bowl-open-thread-5Patterico :

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[guest post by JVW]


The 50th edition of the Most Overrated Sports Event in the Country is this afternoon (or evening, for those of you in the Eastern time zone). Will Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset capping his stellar career with one final glorious win? Will this year’s MVP Cam Newton become the rare quarterback to win championships on both the college and pro levels? Scissors-32x32.png

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First time we have started a game behind.



They should score some points then...then they won't be behind.


Keeping a firm grasp on the obvious at all times. wink.png

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February 07, 2016

Super Bowl XXXXX or, The Return of Coldplay (CBD)

—Open Blogger

Niedermeyer's Dead Horse, the star of this year's football threads, is on a plane, so you are stuck with my woefully inadequate internet search skills. And yes, some of these (maybe even all of them) are repeats, but you can't complain. Buy the Platinum package and you can get the AoSHQ live feed. I think Ace comes on at 5:30 to do his Rubio impression.


The Carolina Panthers are the prohibitive favorite, and my prediction is that after the halftime show, the number of eyeballs on the screens will drop precipitously. Yeah, a 24-7 halftime score plus Coldplay will do that..... Scissors-32x32.png


maybe I'm on the wrong channel LMFAO.gif

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@NCTexan! I refuse to gloat! The Panthers were the most complete team I have seen all year. Unlike other Super bowl's there has been little talk from the Bronco's on any network...cable included. I had hoped that it was because they were developing a game plan for the Panther's. Apparantly that is what happened. The old saying, "Defense wins championships" is true. We were fortunate & it was a great way for Peyton Manning to leave the game.

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I was happy for Peyton. What a fantastic career he has had and he certainly deserved to go out in style.
The Bronco defense was prepared and ready. Never seen one as good this season. All over Cam and the others.

As for the Panthers I am so disappointed for the players and Coach Rivera. They made so many errors and fumbles and slight misses. That ball just rolling over the goal line, the long punt hitting the goal post, and the wrong call about possession etc etc.

Congratulations to the Broncos but especially to Peyton.

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