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De Blasio Stonewalls About His Iowa Hillary Trip Fellow Travelers


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de-blasio-stonewalls-about-his-iowa-hillary-trip-fellow-travelersDaily Caller:

Maybe now New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio regrets he did not stay away from Iowa like the Hillary Clinton campaign initially requested. His visit to Iowa on her behalf that ended Monday is causing one embarrassment after another.


First, the Big Apple leader fessed up to the New York Daily News that most Iowans he met while canvassing did not even recognize him. Now, his administration is coming under fire for refusing to provide the names of 15 City Hall underlings who accompanied him to the Hawkeye state, supposedly on their own dime.


Spokeswoman Karen Hinton told the New York Post that she is withholding their identities because de Blasio’s worker bees used “personal vacation days” and their own money for the jaunt. The city did not pay for it, she claimed.


Of course, unless the de Blasio administration names names it is impossible to know if she is telling the truth. The Post has filed a Freedom of Information Law request for the employees’ names and attendance records, which is supposed to be public information.



About your travel expenses, Mr. Mayor...


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