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A Missing History of Conservatism


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A Missing History of Conservatism


Conservative Heroes: Fourteen Leaders Who Shaped America, From Jefferson to Reagan,


Garland S. Tucker III, ISI Books, 224 pages

By THOMAS E. WOODS JRAugust 28, 2015


I confess: when I received my review copy of Garland Tucker’s Conservative Heroes, all I could think was, been there, done that. Having endured my share of collections that outwardly resemble Tucker’s book, I am drearily familiar with the genre: commonplace, conventional, and generally inoffensive historical figures, of the sort all right-thinking people are expected to admire, are solemnly commended to the reader as model conservatives.


That’s why Tucker’s book came as such a pleasant surprise: here are plenty of figures—from Nathaniel Macon and John Randolph of Roanoke to John C. Calhoun and Robert Taft—who play rather a minor role, or are actually cast as villains, in the neoconservative version of American history. Scissors-32x32.png http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/a-missing-history-of-conservatism/

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