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North Korea holds emergency meeting after trading fire with South


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north-korea-holds-emergency-meeting-after-trading-fire-with-south-20150820-gj48hx.htmlCanberra Times:

Seoul: The North Korean ruling party's central military commission held an emergency meeting late on Thursday after North and South Korea exchanged fire across the demilitarised zone in one of the worst incidents between the two since 2010.


North Korean state broadcasters sent an urgent statement by the central command of the Korean People's Army about the emergency Workers' Party meeting, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. The North denied that it fired first, accusing the South of military provocation, Yonhap reported.


The command said it suffered no casualties and is "closely watching" how South Korea responds to the North's ultimatum of ending all anti-North propaganda broadcasts within 48 hours or facing "powerful military action", according to Yonhap.


The exchange started when North Korea shot a rocket at a South Korean border area on Thursday afternoon, prompting Seoul's forces to reply with an artillery barrage, according to the South Korean Defence Ministry, which said it also suffered no casualties.


Tensions have flared in recent weeks across the so-called DMZ that bisects the Korean peninsula. Two South Korean soldiers were maimed on August 4 by landmines that the Seoul government says were recently laid by North Korea. Pyongyang denied any role in the blasts. Relations deteriorated further when South Korea responded by blaring propaganda on August 10 at the North through loudspeakers along the DMZ.



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The good news is that Mini Me might execute all of his remaining generals before a real war starts. Oh, wait...

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