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Nazi gold train 'found in Poland' by treasure hunters


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nazi-gold-train-found-in-poland-by-treasure-hunters-10463241.htmlUK Independent:

A Nazi train thought to be full of gold and gems which vanished during the Second World War has been found by two men in Poland, the pair have reportedly claimed.


The armoured train is said to have gone missing near the then East German city of Breslau, now a Polish city named Wroclaw, as the Soviet army approached towards the end of the war in 1945.


And a law firm in south-west Poland says it has been contacted by two men who say have discovered the train, with Polish media reporting that the men want 10% of the value of the train's contents.


Radio Wroclaw said the discovery matches reports in local folklore of a train carrying gold and gems which went missing at the end of the war near Ksiaz Castle. It supposedly entered a tunnel near the castle and never emerged. The tunnel was later closed and its location forgotten.Scissors-32x32.png

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