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What Happened To Mom, Pop and the Traditional American Family? (Guest Post)


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what-happened-to-mom-pop-and-the-traditional-american-family-guest-postFlopping Aces: What Happened To Mom, Pop and the Traditional American Family? (Guest Post)

By Christopher J. Green 4 Comments


Tue, Aug, 18th, 201

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Do you ever look around at modern day America and have a nagging feeling something is wrong? It’s just – well, things aren’t what they used to be. Let’s take the bedrock of America, the family unit. Seems nowadays, millions of Americans are struggling to create lasting, fulfilling happy marriages. Mom, Pop and the kids are in real danger of becoming obsolete.


One of the most turbulent decades in US history is the 1960s. In just ten years, the moral values and traditions that shaped America were turned upside down. The swinging sixties gave birth to the sexual revolution which changed the game of love dramatically, and the family unit, once the strong bedrock of the nation, has suffered the consequences.Scissors-32x32.png

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