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Maybe Hillary Clinton just isn’t a very good candidate


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maybe-hillary-clinton-just-isnt-a-very-good-candidateWashington Post:

Chris Cillizza

August 18 2015


Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged that her 2016 campaign would be better than her 2008 campaign. And it has been.


She has hired the best and brightest of Democratic staffers. She has purposely downplayed her celebrity and has tried to personally connect with voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. She has focused on telling her personal story rather than trying to constantly answer the "is she tough enough to be commander in chief" question.


And yet, here we are. Clinton is in the midst of a full-scale Democratic freakout due to her faltering poll numbers and ongoing questions about how she has handled her private e-mail server. Joe Biden is considering running. Al Gore's name -- yes, Al Gore -- was even floated!


What gives? Increasingly, Democrats -- privately, of course -- have begun to wonder whether the problem is not the campaign but the candidate.




"The combination of messy facts, messy campaign operation and an awkward candidate reading terrible lines or worse jokes from a prompter is very scary," admitted one unaligned senior Democratic operative.







Remember her book tour? And who could forget...."I Ain't In No Ways Tired"? As many here have pointed out she is just an Awful Candidate...politics aside...she sucks. The thing is they (the Democratic Party) really have no one else...Joe Biden?....Al Gore!


The pickins are mighty slim.



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