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'Bug-killing book' that cleans up to 100 litres of murky water passes field trials


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Bug-killing-book-that-cleans-up-to-100-litres-of-murky-water-passes-field-trials.htmlUK Telegraph:

A book with pages that can be used to filter murky drinking water has seen success in its first field trials.

The so-called "drinkable book" features treated paper which can be torn out and used to kill bacteria in water, as well as printed information on the importance of filtering drinking water.

The pages contain nano-particles of silver or copper which wipe out dangerous bacteria as they pass through the water.

The book could be a revolutionary solution for the estimated 663 million people across the world who are without access to clean drinking water.

Trials at contaminated water sources in South Africa, Ghana and Bangladesh saw the paper kill off more than 99% of all bacteria - which is the same level of contamination as water sources in the United States.

In previous trials on artificially contaminated water, bacteria levels dropped to zero.Scissors-32x32.png

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