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Could black people in the U.S. qualify as refugees?


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Could black people in the U.S. qualify as refugees?


By Raha Jorjani August 14


Raha Jorjani is an immigration defense lawyer with the Office of the Alameda County Public Defender in California.


Suppose a client walked into my office and told me that police officers in his country had choked a man to death over a petty crime. Suppose he said police fatally shot another man in the back as he ran away. That they arrested a woman during a traffic stop and placed her in jail, where she died three days later. That a 12-year-old boy in his country was shot and killed by the police as he played in the park.


Suppose he told me that all of those victims were from the same ethnic community — a community whose members fear being harmed, tortured or killed by police or prison guards. Scissors-32x32.png



Wow read this then you will think you are in another country ohmy.png

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