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BuzzFeed’s ‘Fiscally Liberal’ Founder and CEO Comes Out Against Unionization for His Staff — Here’s His Reasoning


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buzzfeeds-fiscally-liberal-founder-and-ceo-comes-out-against-unionization-for-his-staff-heres-his-reasoningThe Blaze:

BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti said during a staff meeting Friday that he didn’t think a “union is right” for his employees.


Peretti, who has described himself as “fiscally liberal,” said that he believes unions work in certain situations, but wouldn’t be a good fit for BuzzFeed.


“I think unions have had a positive impact on a lot of places, like if you’re working on an assembly line, and if you’re negotiating with management it can make a huge difference, particularly when labor is more replaceable. And I think I don’t think a union is right for BuzzFeed for two reasons,” Peretti said, according a transcript of his remarks posted on BuzzFeed.


“One, I think the way we pattern BuzzFeed is after companies like Google and Facebook, and the tech startups are very, very competitive for talent,” he continued. “They’re all trying to get the very best talent. That’s how I see BuzzFeed as well. We need to provide amazing benefits, we need to provide as much incentive for people to pick BuzzFeed over any other company.”


“A lot of the best new-economy companies are environments where there’s an alliance between managers and employees. People have shared goals. Benefits and perks and compensation are very competitive, and I feel like that’s the kind of market we’re in,” Peretti added. “A lot of times when you look at companies that have unionized, the relationship is very different. The relationship is much more adversarial, and you have lawyers negotiating for comp and looking at comparable companies and trying to keep compensation matched with other companies.”



Unions for me, not for thee...

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@WestVirginiaRebel @clearvision


Comments from a Guardian Article on this subject


He r frigging genus, an nos muchly lots about bizness...an stuff






New Media employees are desperately in need of union representation. One company pays its blog writers a "stipend", and the standard help wanted ad from this outfit states "think beer money, not rent money."


As a general rule, the CEO of your company shouldn't be making more money from your individual labor than you do.

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