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The government’s nonchalant response to Hillary’s security breaches


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the-governments-nonchalant-response-to-hillarys-security-breaches.phpPower Line:

Paul Mirengoff

August 14, 2015


Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of sensitive, classified, and even top secret information has finally prompted widespread discussion as to whether she committed crimes. The discussion is warranted, particularly given the Obama administration’s aggressive posture in cases involving leaks and the mishandling of classified material.


The prosecution of General Petraeus springs immediately to mind. As Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor, points out:




By contrast, the Justice Department moved at a snail’s pace when it came to Hillary Clinton. It was obvious all along that Clinton’s email server contained information relating to the national defense ( the standard under the Espionage Act) and always likely that some of this information was classified, if not “top secret.”


How could it be otherwise? We’re talking about the Secretary of State’s communications in her official capacity.


Yet the government (1) permitted Clinton to use a private server, (2) waited months after knowledge of her use of the server became widespread to seize the server, and (3) allowed sensitive emails and other information from the server to remain in the hands of Clinton’s attorneys even though they lack the requisite security clearances.



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