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Biden getting closer to presidential run as Hillary getting closer to going to prison


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A Cruz/Warren race is the election America deserves. A Trump/Biden race is the election America wants.


Dude, I think this is happening.


From his vacation spot on Kiawah Island, Mr. Biden is giving the strongest signal yet that he is actively considering making a third run at the presidency. He is asking political allies for advice and gauging the strength of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign as he weighs his options, people familiar with the matter said. Mr. Biden is expected to announce his decision next month…

He’d have to start from scratch. Mr. Biden has no super PAC to back his candidacy with independent fundraising or a network of paid staff in early voting states. And Mrs. Clinton has already signed up some of the party’s most seasoned pollsters, fundraisers and data analysts. His entry also could prompt Mrs. Clinton’s supporters to rally around her if her potentially historic candidacy is threatened.

“She’s been working at this a long time and has built a massive operation,” said Brady Quirk-Garvan, chairman of the Charleston County Democratic Party in South Carolina. “Even people who like the idea of Joe Biden running would have to sit there and think, ‘Can he build an operation that would be able to defeat Hillary in four to six months?’ That’s much harder to do in this day and age than you would think.”




We’re in a weird place politically when Democratic panic over the Clintons leads to the thought, “Hey, how about Joe Biden?”


Don’t forget that Biden’s the only person in America who carries more Obama baggage than Hillary does. The best case you can make for him is that he’s way, way, way more relatable than Herself is, a touch of populism in a campaign dominated thus far by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, but even that comes with a major caveat that frequently he appears to be, well, a doofus. And unlike Trump or even Sanders, the guy can’t remotely claim to be an “outsider.” He took his seat in the U.S. Senate the same year Hillary Clinton graduated from law school. If there’s any political genius to Biden, it’s that he’s somehow maintained his image as Average Joe despite having been in Washington since the Nixon administration.



Joe versus the Clinton volcano? Make it happen.

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