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Rick Perry and the Trump Effect


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rick-perry-and-the-trump-effectReason : Rick Perry and the Trump Effect The former Texas governor is running a strong campaign. Too bad Donald Trump is in the race.

Peter Suderman|


Aug. 13, 2015 9:52 am


Four years ago this month, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry briefly surgedto the top of the 2012 GOP primary field. But after an embarrassing debate gaffe—he couldn’t remember which three federal agencies he wanted to close—and a series of campaign struggles, he quickly fell in the polls. This year, the former Texas governor, acknowledging that he wasn’t ready four years ago, has attempted to reboot his campaign. But he’s struggled to gain traction: Perry was edged out of the prime- time debate last week, and his fundraising has been weak.


On Monday, it was reported that his campaign has stopped paying its staff.


Perry’s campaign isn’t over, but it’s not a good sign. And it’s a shame that he has failed to take off this round. While I was no fan of his 2012 run and I continue disagree with him strongly on many issues, Perry has run an interesting, valuable campaign that ought to have injected some seriousness and substance into the GOP field—ought to, Scissors-32x32.png

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To understand why Trump has made it so hard for a candidate like Perry to stand out, and why the billionaire reality star has had such a pernicious overall effect on the race, it’s worth going back to July, when Perry delivered a lengthy speech on financial reform at a two-hour event held at the Yale Club in Manhattan. It was in many ways an unusual topic for a Republican candidate to address at length; GOP candidates are more likely to call for the repeal of Dodd-Frank than to offer ideas of their own.


Perry’s speech, though, was peppered with wonky policy proposals—dealing with everything from strengthening capital requirements for big banks to overhauling the Consumer Financial Protection to building in “regulatory breathing room” for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Perry didn’t have every detail nailed down, but relatively speaking it was a substantive and detailed speech that left a lot to discuss—and, perhaps, to disagree with. The former Texas governor promised flatly that as president he would never bail out any Wall Street bank. He also called for, among other things, regulations on certain types of mortgage products, crediting his state’s rules restricting cash-out refinancing for helping the state to weather the recession.



Waiting for DT to give a serious speech...or do a Chris Christie style townhall, or for that matter take questions that are "Not Nice". Should happen about 3 days after hell freezes over.

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