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Football, Faith, and Flanner O'Conner


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Published on Aug 12, 2015

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Pecan trees, Friday night football, rocking chairs and muggy moonlit evenings…welcome to the South where good cookin’ and proper manners are a way of life. Southern gentleman and Georgia native Chris Queen invites you to take a stroll down the “backbone of the South” as his family journeys from Atlanta to the most magical place on Earth. From neon crosses to moss covered oaks, Chris Queen’s journey is full of Southern gems, both hidden and renowned. Explore the South’s rich musical history and revel in its kitsch as Queen guides you through a land where football is close to a religion and the tea is as sweet as honeysuckle. Whether you’re new to the all the South has to offer, or a Southerner looking to reminisce, Football, Faith and Flannery O’Connor is a humorous, insightful, and entertaining glimpse into a vibrant and diverse region.


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