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Ads sell everything from Apple to Zippo. Why aren’t they used to sell ideas?


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49416.htmlChicago Boyz:

Bruno Behrend

August 11th, 2015


After two losses to the farthest left President ever, conservatives have been agonizing over how win back the presidency. More importantly, the truly thoughtful among us have been agonizing over how to win back a once freedom-loving culture drifting ever farther leftward.




It’s a great idea, but difficult. What if there is an easier way?


What about ads? What if elements of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy funded advertising that promoted our viewpoints effectively? I know that the diffusion of media and cutting the cable cord makes conventional ads less effective, but what about viral ads and the use of YouTube? It galls me that business literally survives by generating memes through ads (Appple, Geico, Verizon etc etc etc) but the most important memes for the republic are left to lame candidacies for 12-18 mos of campaigns, all targeted to the dumbest 5% of the electorate (undecideds). It isn’t working.


How can we use all the tools at our disposal to generate a campaign of ads that brings all the voters we’ve lost over the decades back into the fold?


Again, I don’t mean ads for candidates. That will go on in any event, and they don’t promote foundational ideas for advancing liberty. I also don’t mean Crossroads-style ads that tell you to get mad about issue X or campaign Z. While some of those ads work, they do nothing to persuade the persuadable that liberty is superior to today’s growing incompetent and corrupt kludgeocracy.


I’m talking more about 30 second TV spots and 60 second radio ads that lay out the benefits of freedom, and then send folks to where they can learn more. These ads should be akin to a public information campaign, not a political fight. Think of some of the Mormon’s ads, or those asking lapsed Catholics to rediscover their heritage. That is much closer to the paradigm we are suffering from (formerly conservative nation drifting left) than asking citizens to make the world safe from Clinton or Bush.



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