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Bernie Sanders in ‘Little Beirut’


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bernie-sanders-in-little-beirutP J Media: Bernie Sanders in ‘Little Beirut’ By Mark Ellis August 11, 2015 – 4:51am

It’s something every political animal should do from time to time. Call it scoping out the competition, live opposition research, or going behind enemy lines. It’s instructive to experience firsthand the nature of the politicians you hope will be defeated. To this end, I made plans to visit a forgotten old arena where the Portland Trailblazers used to play. I’ve seen Metallica, Willie Nelson, and the Muppets on Ice at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.


The scheduled headliner on Sunday, August 9, was avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.


An unexpected element of drama was injected into Sanders’ Portland visit the day before, when a group of radicals from Black Lives Matter commandeered the stage at the Vermont senator’s Saturday appearance in Seattle, abruptly and permanently hustling Sanders into the wings. Scissors-32x32.png


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But at least Sanders is upfront and honest. He makes no bones about his vision


Eugene Debs

Henry Wallace (Thank God FDR dropped him!!!)

"Clean" Eugene McCarthy

George McGovern

Teddy Kennedy

Brother Jesse

Ralph Nader


The list goes on and on of "Progressives" who made on bones about who they were. There is one common denominator with all of them...The Lost...often badly.


With Barry they finally got one in...That's worked out real well for the country


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