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SAS troops 'dressed in US uniforms and joined special forces on Isis Abu Sayyaf overnight raid in Syria'


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sas-troops-dressed-in-us-uniforms-and-joined-special-forces-on-isis-abu-sayyaf-overnight-raid-in-syria-10448018.htmlUK Independent:

British SAS soldiers were reportedly part of the US special forces mission that saw Islamic State commander Abu Sayyaf killed and his wife captured during an overnight raid.


The secret raid was revealed in May this year but was announced by the Whitehouse as a US special forces operation, in which Sayyaf was shot dead in a gun battle after “engaging” with American troops.


According to the Mail on Sunday, the raid had been a joint operation between British and US special forces, despite Parliament not yet approving the deployment of British troops in Syria to fight Isis.Scissors-32x32.png


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