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Texas officer on burglary call shoots unarmed black teen


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Texas — A black burglary suspect killed by a white officer-in-training early Friday at a car dealership was unarmed, police said.

The Arlington Police Department has no video of the incident because the department has not yet put in place a pilot program in which officers will wear body cameras, said a police spokesman, Sgt. Paul Rodriguez.


Police responded at about 1 a.m. CT to Classic Buick GMC dealership on an Interstate 20 service road after reports of a sport-utility vehicle being driven through the front of the building, Rodriguez said.


"Officers established a perimeter and approached the suspect inside," he said. "As officers confronted the suspect, there was an altercation during which at least one officer discharged his weapon."


Christian Taylor, 19, of Arlington, Texas, died at the scene. It was not immediately known whether he was intoxicated.



There better not being any "white on black" with this. He is in a car dealership at 1am in the morning with smashed building glass. I don't care if you are just drunk and "goofing around",or really trying to rob the place, if you are not flat on the ground when the cops show up and tell you to, you made a poor life decision... black or white or brown..


Already the headlines are blaring "UNARMED BLACK"....

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Update: Arlington Officer Brad Miller terminated after Christian Taylor shooting

Claire Z. Cardona Follow @clairezcardona Email ccardona@dallasnews.com



August 11, 2015 4:45 pm


The officer involved in the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Christian Taylor has been terminated, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson said Tuesday.


Johnson cited several examples of poor judgment in the incident as reasons for Officer Brad Miller’s termination. He said he made the decision after receiving a briefing from investigators Tuesday morning and the decision was his alone. Scissors-32x32.png


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On the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, the Washington Post published a long article on shootings of unarmed black men that was intended to be racially inflammatory. The subheading was: “A year after Michael Brown’s fatal shooting, unarmed black men are seven times more likely than whites to die by police gunfire.”


But the Post’s actual findings were considerably less dramatic:


So far this year, 24 unarmed black men have been shot and killed by police….Those 24 cases constitute a surprisingly small fraction of the 585 people shot and killed by police through Friday evening, according to The Post database. Most of those killed were white or Hispanic, and the vast majority of victims of all races were armed.


Ninety per cent, actually, were armed:



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Michael J. LaRosa: Here’s an idea: Try listening to police during stops

16 August 2015


Sandra Bland’s tragic death revived questions about racial profiling, police conduct and civil rights in America.




Seven months ago, I was stopped, detained and ultimately released outside Houston in an arbitrary — but probably legal — operation by a Drug Enforcement Agency officer. My strategy was a little different from some: I decided I’d do the listening and let the officer do the talking.


I was alone, driving east on Interstate 10 when the officer drove beside me in a gray, unmarked SUV and signaled for me to pull over. He approached my 5-year-old Toyota Corolla on the passenger side, hand on his sidearm. He asked if I had a weapon (I didn’t) and politely ordered me to step out of my car and stand halfway between his vehicle and mine, in a negative space 10 meters away from each vehicle. I followed all commands and handed over my license and registration. He ran the plate and asked a few perfunctory questions. All of this took about 12 minutes.




H/T Instapundit


Its Cris Rock so it goes without saying NSFW


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