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Michigan pol reportedly tried to fake male prostitute scandal to hide relationship


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?intcmp=hpbt4Fox News:

What could possibly go wrong?


A Michigan state representative reportedly tried to conceal an extramarital relationship with a fellow lawmaker by orchestrating the distribution of a bogus email -- claiming he had sex with a male prostitute.


The Detroit News published audio recordings Friday of state Republican Rep. Todd Courser's alleged conversations about the scheme.


Follow the logic here: According to The Detroit News, Courser's plan was to send out the bogus email rife with salacious and over-the-top details, so that any revelation about his relationship with fellow state Rep. Cindy Gamrat wouldn't seem so bad.


"It will make anything else that comes out after that -- that isn't a video -- mundane, tame by comparison," Courser, who is married and has children, reportedly told an aide, Ben Graham.


Graham reportedly is the one who made the recordings.


The article already has caught the attention of party leadership. House Speaker Kevin Cotter on Friday requested an investigation into the allegations. He said he asked the nonpartisan House Business Office to determine "whether there was a violation of House rules or any evidence of illegal behavior." Tim Bowlin, chief financial officer and business director for the House Business Office, said he plans to review the request for an investigation and determine the scope of a possible probe.


The recordings themselves depict a surreal conversation, where the lawmaker allegedly reveals his plan to his aide.



He could at least have gone out with the real thing...rolleyes.gif

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Hypocrisy and politicians go together like bacon and eggs.




Click on recordings


The pair are socially conservative legislators who often invoke their Christian faith in pursuit of new legislation governing gun rights, abortion and marriage. Their political alliance dates back to Courser’s unsuccessful 2013 race for Michigan Republican Party chairman when Gamrat ran as his vice chairwoman.



That is some bizarre logic. "I need to inoculate the herd" "You're inoculating the whole herd."




And of course, these two people who had their private parts interfere with faith and loyalty will be singled out as evidence of the decline of the GOP.


Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, who has the blood of at least four Americans to answer for, and whose only faith is in absolute power and is incapable of loyalty to America, gets a free pass.

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