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Post-Debates Analysis


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www.hughhewitt.comHugh Hewitt Blog:



Carly Fiorina




HH: I begin with one of the key participants, and perhaps the overall winner of the day, Carly Fiorina, who dominated the first debate, won by showing up via video in the second debate, and not getting part of the car crash that was the second debate. Carly Fiorina, welcome, good to have you back tonight.


CF: Thank you so much, Hugh, great to be with you.


HH: All right, I have to begin by asking, has Chris Matthews’ lawyer served you for assault, yet?


CF: (laughing) Sorry, well, you know, Hugh, I’m not going to let anybody get away with putting words in my mouth, and he was trying to put words in my mouth.


HH: Oh, that was a thing of beauty...........................................(Snip)




For Those who are living in Tierra Del Fuego and missed it





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Dr. Ben Carson




HH: If you are a track and field fan of the Olympics, you know what it means to have a kick. That means to save your best for last. Tonight, many people on Twitter and social media thought that Dr. Ben Carson saved his kick for the second hour, including Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post. I’m joined now by Dr. Ben Carson. Welcome, Dr. Carson, it’s great to have you on.


BC: Thank you, good to be back with you.


HH: Tell me what your overall impression of tonight was.


BC: Well, I thought that it was a pretty informative debate, because it provided an opportunity for people to get some insight into who the candidates were, finally, particularly when you put them side by side.


HH: What did you make of the questions?


BC: Obviously, they did some research. I was very disappointed that I didn’t get asked about some of them that they seemed to be asking a lot of people. I was chomping at the bit to do the immigration one, but never quite got there, but, and I didn’t think I was going to get any foreign policy, and I finally got one at the end. But it was good. It was okay.


HH: I am not surprised that a pediatric neurosurgeon remained calm and unruffled through a chaotic environment. I think you’re probably used to that. But what was the most surprising thing to you as a first timer on a debate stage from tonight’s proceedings?



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