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The 2016 election for dummies


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By Lawrence Sellin


The two most important issues of the 2016 election are non-partisan.


(1) The federal government and the media are, as institutions, hopelessly corrupt.


(2) The United States has elections, but we no longer have representative government.


None of the problems facing the country can be solved effectively without first confronting those two issues. Without doing so, we are just kicking the can down the road toward national collapse and fragmentation.


Americans are no longer citizens of a republic, but subjects of a reigning oligarchy composed of a self-absorbed permanent political class, which services the interests of wealthy financiers at the expense of the wider population. They maintain their authority by an ever-expanding and increasingly intrusive government and using a compliant media to manipulate public perception and opinion in order to maintain the illusion of democracy.


The federal government is now an industry competing with the private sector, but unconstrained by regulation and the rule of law, which has inevitably led to massive and wide-spread corruption.


From the perspective of the oligarchy, elections are nothing more than an opportunity to redistribute power among select Democrat and Republican elites, who use the legislative process and tax revenues to increase the personal wealth of the ruling class. Scissors-32x32.png

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