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Fox News GOP Debate


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5pm-fox-news-gop-debate-threadRight Scoop:

It’s less than 15 minutes before the debate and Fox News hasn’t posted any normal way to watch the debate online. If they do I will post it here, but I’m not expecting them to at this point.


The only way to currently watch the debate online that I know of is through their online TV live stream. You’ll have to login via your cable provider so if you don’t have cable this isn’t going to work for you.

If I find something I'll Post a link here. C-Span isn't showing it.
2 words to Fox News angry.png

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Some pic's to start the debate.....




Via TheFeralIrishman




Will Trump even need a gun....with his mouth primed?







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So far I think ever one of them is doing well. Throw a dart at a board with pics of the whole seventeen and any one you hit would be better than what we have nowblink.png

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I hope the next Joint Press Conference is better than this Joint Press Conference. Question...Talking Point...Question....Talking Point...Question...Talking Point.

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If I had to pick a #1 - It would be Carly! She should have been in the main debate!



I suspect she will be on the next one.


Still trying to figure out why Pataki Gilmore are running. Bobby Jindal really Smart...(so far)...no, he didn't git my gitter going. A I really want to like/support him....but. As for the rest of them...yawn.

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I thought the 1st debate was good for Carly/Bobby/Rick in that order cool.png just saying

The people voting on FB have given Carly 84%, Rick next with 6% and then Bobby with 5ohmy.png

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YAY for Carly!!!

She tied with Kasich -Ohio- governor - so, of course he got in the 1st round. Too bad as it would have been great pr for the repubs to have had her on at 9

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