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Party-Backed Democrat Lost Election to Guy Who Didn’t Campaign—Or Even Vote


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party-backed-democrats-lost-election-to-guy-who-didnt-campaign-or-even-voteFree Beacon:

The Mississippi Democratic Party received a shock this week when its favored candidate lost in the primary to a truck driver who didn’t spend a single cent on his campaign and says that he was too busy to vote for himself.


46-year-old Robert Gray won the gubernatorial primary with more than 50 percent of the vote. He carried all but three of the state’s counties.


He got a call from his mother on election day who was excited that she voted for a candidate with her son’s name—she didn’t know it was actually him because he hadn’t told any of his family or friends that he was even running.


Gray didn’t vote in the election because he “lost track of time,” according to a Mississippi News Now report.


He didn’t campaign because he says he is “not a people person” and doesn’t “like invading people’s privacy.”


Vicki Slater, the party-backed candidate he defeated, has been actively campaigning since she announced her campaign in February.




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