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Climate Scientists Question Significance of Obama’s New Carbon Rule


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climate-scientists-question-signficance-of-obamas-new-carbon-ruleHeritage Foundation:

Days after the Obama administration finalized plans to reduce carbon emissions, some climate scientists have criticized the administration for failing to detail how the regulations will lower global temperatures.


These critics suggest the administration used the plan more to inspire global climate action, rather than using it as a concrete step to make the earth cooler.


On Monday, the Obama administration finalized the Clean Power Plan, which would overhaul America’s energy system by striving to reduce carbon emissions from power plants 32 percent by 2030.


Chip Knappenberger, assistant director at the Cato Institute, argues that if the administration’s plan was implemented to perfection, the amount of climate change averted would amount to insignificant levels.


“The Clean Power Plan is only going to avert close to .002 of a degree of future warming over the course of this century,” Knappenberger told The Daily Signal. “What the EPA doesn’t like to advertise is what the mitigation will be.”Scissors-32x32.png

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