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How Tonight’s Debaters Should Handle Obama’s Iran Agreement


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The Federalist

Donald Trump and the other GOP presidential contenders must clearly explain tonight why President Obama’s Iran agreement damages American interests.

By Arnold Steinberg AUGUST 6, 2015

The seventeen GOP presidential candidates must talk definitively about Iran in tonight’s debates. That’s because the 60-day window is ticking for Congress on “the deal” (a cynical term used even by President Obama—no one says “agreement”). It’s not enough for Donald Trump to say, properly, that he would have increased sanctions and intensified pressure, and that he would never have gone to the table unless Iran showed good faith by releasing the four captive Americans. Or that he would have negotiated from strength and not kept extending deadlines and caved; that he would have walked away from the Persian bazaar.


Let everyone know tonight that this administration discouraged and prevented Israel from a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities when such an attack was more feasible. Scissors-32x32.png

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