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Nigerian Activist on Africa and Presidential Legacies: Bush Fought AIDS, Obama Promoted Homosexual Agenda


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nigerian-activist-africa-and-presidential-legacies-bush-fought-aids-obamaCNS News:

Scissors-32x32.png“When President Bush visited Africa he launched an initiative – a presidential emergency program for AIDS relief, which was meant to help combat a major pandemic that was taking so many lives,” Obege said.

“And for many of us who were there, who rejoiced to see what President Bush did. It was sad for us to see President Obama go to Africa and for the second year running his primary objective was sexual imperialism, where he was calling on Africans to legalize gay marriage.


“One doesn’t even want to go into the questions of how antithetical that would be to the very notions and the very programs that President Bush was trying to implement,” Obege said.Scissors-32x32.png

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