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Dark Money Floods into Hillary Super PAC


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dark-money-floods-into-hillary-super-pacFree Beacon:

A Democrat-aligned super PAC financed by a pair of dark money groups wrote a seven-figure check to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC in June, infusing a key pro-Clinton outfit with money whose sources are virtually untraceable.


Fair Share Action (FSA) donated $1 million to pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action in late June, one of eight million-dollar contributions the pro-Clinton group has received so far this year from various sources.


FSA also gave $5,000 to another pro-Clinton super PAC in April.


The source of FSA’s money is nearly impossible to trace. It’s received just two contributions this year: $300,000 from Fair Share Inc., its 501©(4) dark money affiliate, and $800,000 from another dark money group called Environment America.


Fair Share and Environment America are part of an extensive network of political and nonprofit groups that supported Democrats during the 2014 election cycle. They are now pouring money into efforts to elect Hillary Clinton president.Scissors-32x32.png

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