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Obama in 2017: Finding 'other ways to serve'


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2569274Washington Examiner:

For a man who has 17 months left in the Oval Office, President Obama can alternate between sounding like an ex-president, and one who has many years still ahead in the White House. But in many of his remarks, he's starting to drop hints about how a former President Obama might stay busy.


The most recent hint came last week when Obama was in Africa.


"I'm looking forward to life after being president," Obama told the African Union. "I won't have such a big security detail all the time. It means I can go take a walk. I can spend time with my family. I can find other ways to serve. I can visit Africa more often," he added to applause.


Picking up on the "other ways to serve" idea, Pulitzer prize-­winning presidential historian Joseph Ellis predicts that Obama will return to Chicago and possibly emulate President John Quincy Adams and run for a lower office.Scissors-32x32.png

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