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Clearly, the Donald Works for Hillary


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Clearly, the Donald Works for Hillary


The quid pro quo? When Clinton wins, Trump gets to install luxury condos in the Washington Monument.






July 31, 2015 6:48 p.m. ET


Numerous experts have described Donald Trump’s “quixotic” presidential candidacy as a gift to Hillary Clinton. His hateful remarks about immigration, his disparaging of John McCain’s military service and his disrespectful comments about women who breast-feed have put the Republican Party on the defensive.


What if the whole thing is a conspiracy?


The arguments for such a theory are compelling. Until recently, Mr. Trump has been associated much more closely with the Democratic Party than with the Republican Party. Until 2009 he was registered as a Democrat. He has a long history of contributing to Democratic candidates, including Mrs. Clinton in 2008. He has often attended social functions at which the Clintons were present, and both were guests at his last wedding in 2005. These folks are tight. So tight, in fact, that Donald J. Trump is listed on the Clinton Foundation website as donating “$100,001 to $250,000” to the organization. Scissors-32x32.png

What If, I know the sky could fall Tomorrow ohmy.png

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