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GOP Lawmakers: Obama Not Tough Enough On Terror


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gop-lawmakers-obama-not-tough-enough-terrorTruth Revolt:

Too politically correct and won't call it what it is


Trey Sanchez


Two GOP lawmakers appeared on CBS' Face the Nation Sunday and told host Bob Schieffer that the Obama administration is not tough enough on terror and choose too many politically correct terms to define it, which in turn, diminishes the seriousness of the threats.

First up on the program was Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) who said President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder's insistence on shying away from terms, like "war on terror," are creating a false narrative of safety.

He spoke with Schieffer about the seriousness of the threat against the United States and warned that while a larger 9/11-style attack would prove difficult to pull off these days, smaller-scale attacks from sleeper cells could become the norm.




Also on the program was Assistant Majority Leader Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) who said, in a similar manner, that the Obama administration is too "politically correct" when describing terrorists and their activities. Calling these attacks what they are, Cornyn said, is the first step in facing the problem.





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