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Climate Mission Impossible: Scientists Say Fossil Fuels Must Go Untapped


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150107-fossil-fuel-unburnable-2-degree-climate-target-studyNational Geographic:

Canada's tar sands need to stay in the ground, the oil beneath the Arctic has to remain under the sea, and most of the world's coal must be left untouched in order to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2°C, a study released Wednesday says.


The research, unlike other bleak assessments of the world's climate predicament, zeroes in on which regions should halt their production of coal, oil, and gas—and by how much. It comes ahead of climate talks in Paris later this year that aim to broker a new global accord to cut greenhouse gas emissions.Scissors-32x32.png


"What would be ideal," he says, would be to "use the opportunity of this fall in the oil price to start instituting a global carbon tax, which would take some of the volatility out of the prices."Scissors-32x32.png



Wow. They now call out which countries can produce what based on models... LMFAO.gif

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