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Is polygamy next in the redefinition of marriage?


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is-polygamy-next-in-the-redefinition-of-marriageHot Air:

Is polygamy next in the redefinition of marriage?




That question applies in the US — and possibly in some surprising places elsewhere. Let’s start in the US, where the march of court opinion has moved steadily over the last decade from the inherent right to sexual privacy and choice in Lawrence v Texas to the mandate for government recognition of partnership choices in the emergence of same-sex marriage as an equal-treatment issue. During the latter period of that arc, opponents of SSM warned that the same arguments deployed in that effort could be made to force recognition of polygamist relationships as marriages too, which SSM advocates hotly denied. Now that the courts have made a near-sweep on same-sex marriage, Sally Kohn wonders why polygamy should be any different: Scissors-32x32.png

Mormons stopped that practiced in 1890 or so if I remember correctly, I would think, oh well better keep my thoughts on this subject to myself. wallbash.gif

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