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DC teacher has sixth-graders compare George Bush to Adolf Hitler


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sixth-grade-school-assignment-ask-students-to-compare-bush-to-hitlerFox News:

A public school teacher in Washington who instructed sixth-graders to compare former President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler has learned her own lesson, according to district officials, but critics wonder why she still has a job.


D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson responded to the controversy late Wednesday on Twitter, saying no curriculum intended to make the comparison “in any way” and that the district and unidentified teacher are “deeply apologetic” about the matter. Henderson said the teacher has been ordered to apologize to the class.


“No DCPS curriculum says 2 make these comparisons in any way,” Henderson wrote. “Teacher used poor judgment & will apologize.”


Marc Thiessen, who worked for years as Bush’s speechwriter, said the teacher should be terminated immediately.


“A person who can’t tell the difference between George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler shouldn’t be teaching children,” Thiessen told FoxNews.com. “This isn’t even political bias, this is utter incompetence.”



Unfortunately, incompetence abounds in our publik skool system...


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